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Dhakshan Pole (P) Ltd

Dhakshan Pole (P) Limited has been a major company that commissions as well as we are a high-quality Flag mast poles supplier in Chennai, LED Street light poles along with LED street light supplier, octagonal poles sign masts, flag poles, all other types of street light poles, solar street light poles, solar traffic blinkers light LED flood lights, and other lighting fixtures. Since our establishment on February 5, 2010, Dhakshan Pole (P) Limited strive to ensure the development of a strong national infrastructure and to position India as the preferred sourcing center for global all kinds of pole demand. We always assure higher scale and technology, increased product lifespan, and the introduction of more efficient technologies for a longer existence of poles.

Our product's adaptability, robustness, sturdiness, durability, endurance, and lightweight, maintenance-free design make all architects, engineers, and design experts use our goods for a variety of commercial, residential, governmental, and industrial applications. Every stage of design, fabrication, finishing, and shipment is meticulously planned and executed to guarantee that clients obtain high-quality products. We add value to our client's businesses by continually improving the quality of our products via innovation and sustainable growth, and we have over 17 years of domain knowledge throughout poles and their Engineering Products and the best Street light pole, High mast pole and Signage mast pole supplier and manufactures in chennai tamilnadu. We are the first choice for all of our clients across all Products and Sectors because of the immersion expertise we have in our Integrated Manufacturing Units, Focused Management, and Committed Production & Quality Teams.



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He successfully pursued his commercial interests as an effective administrator with profound business knowledge. Mr. Selvaganapathy, who has more than 17 years of expertise in the pole manufacturing sector, has always been the driving force behind Dhakshan Pole (P) Limited's expansion. He was crucial in the company's development as a multi-product manufacturer of items with a wide market appeal. His commercial savvy encouraged the Company to create specialised items to satisfy client needs. Our company's director, has extensive understanding of the industry and expertise in this field. In every aspect of business, from product acquisition to global marketing, he has been a motivating factor. His in-depth knowledge and keen insight enable our specialists to maximise client satisfaction, upholding our reputation among rivals.